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[OOC: Contact Post]

If you need anything from me--questions about canon, criticism, requests for one off, plotting, whatever you want, comment here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

That is, if you can't reach me at my AIM screenname (fangirlai), through my personal journal (yetregressing) or through email (mjmgeek [at] buckeye-access.com).

Oct. 5th, 2008


Oh this is so not cool. SOOOOOOO not cool. This is worse than your fiance's ex-boyfriend coming back right before you find out he's dying. This is worse than your finace dying and leaving you alone to raise your kid. This is worse than PMS!

And no, it is not made better by the fact that I'm also apparently a mountain lion. I'M STILL AN ANIMAL. NOT. COOL.

I hate you.


Andrew and John are here. Fuck. I mean, I know Andrew mentioned maybe coming down to see him when I called, but I didn't expect them to actually come.

The last time I saw John was at Caleb's funeral. And he looked at me like I was a freak. I mean, sure, I was pregnant, but I thought we had bonded, y'know? In the truck. We shared food and he let me listen to his headphones, and then we... I...

We sat.

I just know Andrew's going to say something about how much he looks like Caleb. I just know it. And really... I'm ready to move past Caleb. I mean, I love him, he gave me this beautiful baby, but he also broke me more times than I can count (and I had the highest scores on that 12 grade trigonometry test.) So I'm ready to move forward.

I just... don't want them to be here right now. That's all.

Some important news...

I CAN HAS MY BABY!!! :D :D :D :D ^_^

His name is Markus, and despite the fic, I am absolutely ESTATIC to finally have my baby. Really. I swear. I'm not depressed!

Just a little update, you know?

So. I still don't have my baby. And I'm getting squirrly.

I want a Markus, dammit! I want my baby, Ai! I want my damn baby so I can be happy happy happy and not have to borrow any more of John's stupid Celexa!

...Not that I'm borrowing any now. I'm not. John's back in Ohio, Caleb's sick dying, Andrew's still here, and I'm... I'm... not getting a baby. Apparently. I have to get a baby! I have to! It's... it's... Ai. I need my baby. Please?

There was a girl...

Hello! I'm April, April Marie Kramer. Wow, that came out kind of awkward, didn't it? I'm just posting here because SOME PEOPLE refuse to sit down and write and give me a baby. I want a baby so badly. Really. I was going to have one, with my fiance, but then Caleb got sick and Andrew came back and there was this crazy sudden trip out to the Gulf... that's the Gulf of Mexico, I live in Texas, Plano, Texas. So no baby for me. Not yet. Caleb's... well, I suppose he's dying. Oh god... I just want a family, you know? And... you don't know him, but Caleb's so good with kids, even John, oh god John... He went back to Ohio, that's where Andrew and John live, he went back but Andrew stayed. Caleb figures John'll come back, though, because he understands. I don't know what he understands, all I know is he tried to kiss me and he shared his anti-depressants. Not that I'm depressed or anything... I hope. Oh well... that's all, I think, for the moment. Maybe I'll get my baby soon? *hopeful*