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Just a Woman, Breaking Down

April Marie Kramer

April Kramer
1 June 1978
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My name is April Marie, I was born on June 1 the year 19 -huh huh- eight!
April Marie Kramer is a woman, a girl, a daughter, a child, a girlfriend, a fiancee, and now... a widow and a mother. She's adjusting to the changes. Slowly. Sort of.
Just a woman, breaking down just now
April's life is one big question- who will her baby grow up to be? Can she do this alone? How does she raise her child without Caleb? How does she live her life without the man she loved the most?
Not as strong as I seem to think I am...
Caleb, the dead fiance
Andrew, the dead fiance's ex-boyfriend
John, the son of the dead fiance's ex-boyfriend
Markus, the baby
Places to Find April
This journal belongs to Ai (yetregressing), but the character April Kramer belongs to Michael Arden. This journal does not claim to be and is not affiliated with either Michael Arden or Lauren Graham. No money is being made from this journal or its activities.

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